Yuga Labs offers bitcoin prizes to solve ordinal puzzles

Yuga Labs, the studio behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, is trying to generate interest in bitcoin ordinals once again. 

The NFT creator announced Tuesday a 13-week cipher puzzle series based on its TwelveFold bitcoin NFT collection. Twelvefold is a 300-piece generative art collection that uses a 12×12 grid and was released back in February.

For the first 12 weeks, a Moon Puzzle will be released once every week. The prize for correctly solving one of them is 0.12 BTC (a little over $3,000). 

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On the thirteenth week, the last puzzle will be dropped, and the fastest to solve it will be awarded with a yet unspecified Twelvefold ordinal.

All answer submissions will be inscribed on satoshis, Bitcoin’s smallest unit of account, for a fee of $4 to $8 depending on network traffic, according to Yuga Labs. Additionally, users will need a bitcoin ordinals wallet to participate.

“There can only be 1 winner per puzzle. If two people submit the right answer in the same Bitcoin block, we’ll accept the answer with the lower inscription number. Winners will be notified by email,” Yuga Labs explained in a thread on X, formerly Twitter.

The first puzzle has already been solved, according to the website. It featured six images of what were seemingly Twelvefold ordinals with the clue: “Having two together during hibernation can make all the difference.” 

One user apparently solved it, saying the answer was “Jigsaw.”

This person deduced the supposed answer by first noticing that each of the six images merged two ordinals, with one being much blurrier than the other. So they subtracted the edition numbers of each ordinal to find the difference, a concept which was alluded to in the hint. 

The numbers this user got, when matched up with the letters of the alphabet, spelled “Jigsaw.” 

Blockworks reached out to Yuga Labs to ask if “Jigsaw” was indeed the answer to the first puzzle but didn’t receive an immediate response. 

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