SuperRare Announces CryptoArt Couture Exhibition For NYFW

Exclusive crypto art marketplace SuperRare has announced its upcoming exhibition, Cryptoart Couture. This latest exhibition will take place at the NYC Gallery during the New York Fashion Week from September 9 to September 14, 2022.

SuperRare announces latest exhibition, Cryptoart Couture

“This exhibition explores the intersection of fashion and the metaverse,” said SuperRare curator, Mika Bar-On Nesher. Following on, the curator said: “We’re thrilled to see the industry from brands like Gucci to designers like Marrisa Wilson embrace NFTs.”.

The exciting exhibition displays the lead of digital fashion, highlighted by works from Vault Art Space and SuperRare.

19 artists featured at the Cryptoart Couture exhibition

Cryptoart Couture features top artists who are at the forefront of Web3 fashion. SuperRare made this known via a post on Instagram. These artists include ALIINA KAURANNE, Antoni Tudisco, Caitlin Cronenberg, Cyshimi, DarkMarkArt, eceertrey, Ignorance1, Jacques Burga, Kenny Schachter, Laurel Charleston, Marrisa Wilson, Marjan Moghaddam, MTHR TRSA, Niall Ashley, Pet Liger, Petecia Le Fawnhawk, SamJ, Vexx, and Willem Stapel.

To find out more about the featured artists and exhibition, read about the SuperRare Gallery here.

Image of NFT for SuperRare CryptoArt CoutureGG Metal Boot by Aliina Kauranne, one of the 19 artists to be featured at Cryptoart Couture.

About SuperRare

SuperRare is an exclusive crypto art marketplace on Ethereum, maintained and governed by a network of artists, collectors, and curators.

The platform has had more than $260M in total sales. Furthermore, it has helped artists earn over $150M. Therefore, SuperRare prides itself as the largest NFT marketplace dedicated to original Cryptoart. 

About Vault Art Space

Vault Art Space was born out of a partnership between Gucci and SuperRare and is a digital venue to view and collect the creative and magnificent works of contemporary artists. In conclusion, Vault Art Space is one of the fruits of Gucci’s continuous exploration of the art world. 


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