Sea of data or data you can see?

In 1983, Apple published a print ad for Apple Business Graphics, a software package that gave Apple II and Apple III computers “the power to convert rows and rows of numbers to — or pounds of printout — into one simple, colorful, comprehensible illustration.”

For the dreamers, the makers, the pioneers…and the rebels

Today signals a new dawn for on-chain crypto analytics.

Since the launch of Blockworks nearly six years ago, we’ve anticipated the meteoric rise of crypto as a significant asset class. As the industry has expanded, so has the demand for more sophisticated information.

During our first five years, our focus was crystal clear: deliver unparalleled content. From tentpole live events — Permissionless and the Digital Asset Summit — to in-depth podcasts, informative newsletters, and professional journalism, our journey is one of constant elevation.

We have now journeyed to the edge of possibility to reimagine research, data and analytics.

Built different.™

The “Think Different” campaign from Apple celebrated non-conformity and creativity by honoring iconic figures who changed the world by thinking outside the box.

Blockworks gets it

Through dialogue with crypto professionals, it’s clear: Today’s information platforms have major challenges. Some aren’t trustworthy, some are a mile wide and an inch deep, some have bad user interfaces, and others are simply too expensive. 

The Blockworks approach is simple:

1. Depth over breadth: Many platforms stretch wide and try to capture everything. The result? They scratch the surface and miss the essence.

2. Authenticity rules: Many platforms lack a genuine understanding of crypto’s nuanced ecosystem, its culture and its technology.

3. Transparency builds trust: The landscape is clouded with undisclosed sponsorships, conflicts of interest and unchecked data. Trust isn’t a given — it’s earned.

4. Experience is everything: It’s not just about data. It’s about how you interact with it. Right now, navigating these platforms can be cumbersome, driving users to basic tools.

The heart and genius driving Blockworks

Apple marketed the PowerBook as a revolutionary portable computer, blending design elegance with robust performance by highlighting the unique ways users utilized their PowerBooks.

At Blockworks, people are everything

Our beliefs are as profound as the minds that champion them:

1. Research: We don’t just study trends, we define them. Nor are our insights just data — they’re glimpses into the future.

2. Governance: With GovHub, we don’t just track protocol proposals. We empower users with the clarity and conviction to make informed governance choices.

3. On-chain analytics: It’s not just about numbers or layers. It’s about delivering deep insight into the very fabric of layer-1s and layer-2s.

Guided by these pillars, we see a future where every executive, investor, builder and crypto-lover can leverage Blockworks Research to make intelligent decisions.

Charting the future

In a world where platforms often demand premium prices for what they offer, Blockworks takes a different approach. Smarter Crypto Intelligence costs just $208/month.

Our vision is to make 2023 a defining moment for on-chain analytics. Evoking the words of Wayne Gretzky, “At Blockworks, we don’t merely go where the puck is. We go where it’s going to be.”

Blockworks Research is more than just a platform. It’s a smarter approach to crypto intelligence.

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Jason Yanowitz

Blockworks co-founder

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