Meet The NFT Beach Event In Indonesia

The exclusive NFT Bira Beach Event kicks off this week in Indonesia, and it looks incredible! Hosted by Mythical Beings and GaiaOne Project, the NFT event will take place in the beautiful exotic South Sulawesi, Indonesia, between August 29th and September 3rd.

NFT Bira is a week long NFT beach event taking place in Indonesia.

The week-long event aims to create a space for individuals to meet and create while exploring the future of web3 tools, such as NFTs and crypto.

Several packages are available, and you can participate in this incredible event for as little as $450 (accommodation/not flights) with some of the most influential people in the web3 world.

What is NFT Bira?

Human wellness and community are a strong focus of this special event, and there are music shows, workshops, incredible speakers from a diverse web3 world, and a whole lot more.

Created by Mythical Beings and the GaiaOne Project teams, the event also has sponsorship from NFTEVENING, Coinstelegram, and Be[IN]Crypto. 

Join an inclusive week-long NFT beach event

Basically, this week-long event is for everyone. Whether you are concerned about the environmental impact on the world or want to meet like-minded people in the web3 world and discuss the future of web3, there is something for everyone. 

NFT Bira speakers listNFT Bira has a huge selection of awesome speakers from across the web3 world.

What is going on during the NFT Bira Week?

The workshops and speakers throughout the week will echo the event’s theme, focusing on the balance of humans and nature in the modern world and how Web3 can help the planet. Some of the notable events during the week include –

  • Creator’s Economy Workshop – Exploring how Web3 technologies such as NFTs, DAO, blockchain, and crypto can make the world more sustainable.
  • Earth Restoration Project – Immersive nature experience. Take part in activities such as ‘an introduction to coral restoration and marine life’ and the opportunity to visit beautiful coral nurseries in the ocean.
  • Mindfulness In The Metaverse Workshop – Physical workshops with breathwork, yoga, meditation, and satsangs to explore yourself in the digital space.
  • GaiaOne Sounds For The Ocean Concert – A huge two-day music event featuring Rizcky de Keiser, Dvy, and Dasha Logan guest music.
  • Furthermore, there are other activities throughout the week. You can enjoy excellent meals, meet and greets, tattooing, free diving, meditation, and yacht building. 

    How to take part in NFT Bira

    Taking part in this week-long NFT beach event getaway is simple. All you need to do is select the package you want to purchase and sign up. There are various NFT Bira packages available and prices for everyone. It is important to note that these prices do not include flights.

    Every room is immaculate and offers beautiful views of the stunning country of Indonesia. Additionally, each package includes: 

  • Seven days, six nights, and breakfast.
  • Airport Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Sounds For The Ocean Concert Ticket
  • 2 Adopted Corals
  • Image showing a man Lee Anderson and textTake part in some amazing workshops and events during the entire week!

     The VIP packages have amazing utility!

    There are also VIP sponsorship packages for NFT Bira at 1 ETH and 1.5 ETH. You get extra perks in the sponsorship deal: an invitation to a sponsor’s dinner, entrance to a private concert and logo placement, and social media marketing.

    Significantly, the VIP packages allow you to conduct your very own private & public workshop (to be aired digitally as well).

    Finally, this unique NFT Beach event is now live. NFT Bira is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a beautiful web3 world surrounded by nature, and important members of the NFT space.


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