Flower Girls Artist Varvara Alay Is Back With 2 New NFTs

If you’ve enjoyed the Varvara Alay Flower Girls NFT project, here’s some good news: the artist drops two brand new collectibles today! Suitably, the group show “Goddess” presented by Eye of the Huntress will reveal the NFTs. Each artwork depicts the powerful women’s voices that changed history.

Varvara Alay surprisingly returns to the NFT scene with two inspiring digital artworks.

What are Varvara Alay’s new NFTs about?

On September 8th, Flower Girls creator Varvara Alay launches two brand new digital artworks. The collectibles will drop as part of the “Goddess” group show organized by SuperRare and some.place, and both of the NFTs are inspired by women’s journey through history and their powerful voices.

The first NFT, titled “A Convoluted Story”, reflects women’s unique stories over the years, and so the artwork reveals a woman standing on a book. Although her mouth is covered, colorful threads are coming out of her dress. Each thread is a narrative that built her history-making character.

Equally important, the second collectible reveals a woman in a position of power. With a fearless look on her face, the woman has red flowers surrounding her – a symbol of delicacy. Furthermore, other female portraits lay at her feet, showing female empowerment over time.

All in all, Varvara Alay truly continues to support women’s empowerment with her new NFTs – just as she did before with Flower Girls.

image of a female NFT collage by Varvara AlayVarvara Alay found her NFT inspiration in women’s powerful voices that changed the course of history.

What is the Goddess group show?

“Goddess” is the first female-led NFT group show. Eye of the Huntress organized the event in partnership with SuperRare, one of the leading NFT platforms.

In essence, this year’s event will feature artworks from top female NFT creators, including:

  • Aslan Ruby, the artist behind Meta Angels;
  • Talia Zoref, who created the Eyes of Fashion project;
  • Varvara Alay, the illustrator of the Flower Girls NFT drop;
  • Lizzy Aroloye, a renowned American-Korean designer.
  • In addition, attendees will get to explore UK-based artists Laura Shepherd, Kate Daudy, Misha Milovanovich, and Charlotte Colbert.

    “As a female-led platform at The Eye of the Huntress, breaking the bias is part of our DNA,” event founders said. “In this evolving space, we are excited to continue carving a niche that highlights women creators in Web3.”

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