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After months of secrets, clues, and buildup, World of Women has finally revealed their latest addition to their ecosystem, called NFT capacitors. The mysterious project has been the subject of much debate, with clues hidden across the virtual and physical world.

Now, we can reveal that the new World of Women NFT capacitors transform into a fantastic free virtual apartment space. Redeem an NFT, and you can customize and design these virtual spaces how you want, with enormous creative freedom!

The World of Women Capacitors are now live and you even transform them!

World of Women creates a unique clue hunt for NFT capacitors

Initially teased by the company earlier this year, the new World of Women capacitors are a unique addition to the ever-growing WoW ecosystem.

The WoW team first sent a message about the new project in June, with a caeser-ciphered, encrypted morse code message from Nova Gaïa (the mecha planet/future mother earth). This “MAYDAY! WoWG needs help!” message set the tone for the following months, in which WoW gave its community a series of secretive messages and hidden clues to find.

This included kitisakkullian clues (alphabet dialect of Nova Gaïao), an appearance of a billboard in New York Times Square, and finally, a glow-in-the-dark physical hint at the WoW rooftop brunch.

Designing and producing these clues for the World of Women capacitors has taken a lot of time. It is proof of the strength of the World of Women team and how it values its community.

map of World of Women ecosytemThe NFT capacitors are the latest addition to the huge WoW ecosystem.

The World of Women NFT capacitor airdrop 

On July 6th, the WoW NFT holders received an airdrop containing their brand new blue NFT capacitors. Ten thousand of these were airdropped to W0W NFT holders.

However, World of Women Galaxy NFT holders did not receive theirs. It turns out there were even more clues, and eventually, after a total of 12 clever clues, on July 26th, they finally got their green NFT capacitors. The total of green capacitors is 21,738.

Significantly, You don’t need a WoW or WoWG to benefit from the new capacitors. This is a unique opportunity for everyone to experience the World of Women ecosystem. You can find them on OpenSea, starting at 0.0385 ETH ( around $61)

What are the World of Women NFT capacitors?

Now that the capacitors have been officially revealed, we know much more about these mysterious devices and how they will work. Capacitors are the first step in the launch of the WowVerse, a vast universe for the World of Women.

“WoW has built a brand that allows people to represent themselves digitally, through PFPs,” said Shannon Snow, COO of World of Women. “As the first female-centric NFT brand to breakthrough to the mainstream, we couldn’t be more excited for the next iteration and expansion of the WoWverse, which begins the enablement of building and empowering your digital identity in new, innovative ways.”

Capacitors can be hazardous or beneficial

Capacitors are devices that store electrical energy, but there is still more to uncover. The WoW state that charged, physical contact, or close proximity can cause a sudden discharge that is either hazardous or beneficial. 

Currently, there is no more information on the difference between the green and blue capacitors, but in time, this will change.  

green futuristic Virtual home using the WoW capacitor.The virtual apartments are beautifully designed and easy to access.

Transform or don’t transform!

Significantly, you can choose whether or not you want to ‘transform’ your World of Women capacitor NFT. Although once transformed, you cannot use the NFT to transform again. This is a big decision as it is only season one of the capacitors NFT drop.

Each season will offer new ways for users to customize their virtual apartments differently. Future releases will also feature collaborations with other NFTs in the WoW ecosystem. So, you might want to hold on and see what season 2 brings.

There is a short window of time available to decide whether to transform or not. Capacitor holders have until September 30th to choose what to do with their NFT.

Additionally, once an NFT holder transforms a capacitor NFT, it is no longer usable in future seasons. The move is an essential aspect of the project and creates a deflationary supply of capacitors.

What do the Virtual apartments look like?

Designed by WoW CEO and Chief Creative Officer Yam Karkai, the virtual apartments are mind-blowing! A collection of stunning virtual spaces that are unique, colourful, and reflective of the style of WoW.

The virtual apartments were created in partnership with OnCyber, the web3 world-building platform!

Two types of virtual apartments are available if you choose to transform your World of Women NFT capacitor. A blue capacitor gives you access to the beautiful Origin Residence, while a Green Capacitor to the outstanding Nebula Quarters. Furthermore, NFT holders who own both will get a special portal to link both virtual apartments.

Once you have your space set up how you want, you can start making the most of it. Create a personal and immersive place to hang out with friends, those in the WoW community, and the wider web3 world. Hang your favorite NFTs, display Youtube videos on your walls, and much more. 

Image of a huge virtual spaceYam Karkai designed the unique virtual spaces herself!

Transforming your World of Women NFT capacitor

It is super easy to transform your new capacitors NFT, and you can reap the rewards immediately! The transformation process is now live, and NFT holders can begin changing capacitors by redeeming OnCyber Virtual homes. 

NFT holders can transform their capacitor NFTs to access and display their official OnCyber URL links. From here, anyone with a virtual apartment NFT can access their space through oncyber.io/create.

After this, you can start designing and customizing your brand-new space. Several guides offer support on how to make the most of your WoW virtual space, including design help.


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