David Bowie NFT Collection News Shocks And Appalls Fans

This week the David Bowie estate confirmed a new NFT collection with the NFT marketplace OpenSea. However, fans of the music icon have taken to social media to vent their frustrations at the collection, with many raising concerns about the artist’s legacy and how NFTs fit into that. Significantly, the new David Bowie NFT collection is for charity, and 100% of the profits will go towards CARE. This non-profit organization aims to end world hunger and global poverty. 

The David Bowie NFT collection goes live on OpenSea, September 13th.

What is the David Bowie NFT collection?

The David Bowie estate created the project in collaboration with OpenSea, and web3 company We Love the Arts. ‘Bowie on the Blockchain’ is a unique collection of NFT art in which nine artists have created their homage to the musician. 

We Love the Arts founders Andrew Keller and Joaquin Acrich chose the artists for the NFT collection. They looked at the art Bowie loved and was inspired by and used this to select up-and-coming artists. In the end, they found nine very diverse and different artists to create the David Bowie NFT collection.

Nine artists create Bowie on the Blockchain art

The nine artists are Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot, Fewocious, Jake, Defaced, Osinachi, Young and Sick, Lirona, Glam Beckett, and Jonathan Wolfe. 

“This incredible collection brings together some of the most groundbreaking NFT artists with Bowie artifacts to bring a new generation of fans together in Web3,” OpenSea vice president of business development Ryan Foutty said.

These artists also had special access to the Bowie archives to give their art a touch of the icon himself. The NFT project will go live on OpenSea, on September 13th.

Twitter is torn over the David Bowie NFT collection

The announcement of the David Bowie NFT collection has caused quite a stir on Twitter. In fact, the David Bowie account deleted the original tweet, possibly due to the negative comments.

One user, @bashmore, responded to David Bowie’s official Twitter account: “How about we just don’t with the NFT guff and just raise money for charity without using a pyramid scheme.”

Another user, @schlimmkatze, responded more straightforwardly to the post, simply replying, “Stop this.”

image of David Bowie in makeupDavid Bowie is a legendary musician who changed the music industry!

Would David Bowie like NFTs?

A common theme amongst the negative replies to the NFT collection is that Bowie wouldn’t like NFTs. However, Bowie, considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, was incredibly forward-thinking and innovative. He had a distinctive experimental style that still lives on today.

David Bowie’s illustrious career spanned over five decades, and he constantly reinvented himself. Bowie was a pioneer and always at the forefront of the latest big thing in art, music, and fashion. Truly, some of the ideas and techniques he used changed the music industry and shaped the future of pop.

Blockchain is changing the music industry

Now, blockchain technology and web3 are growing at an incredible rate. Moreover, people use NFTs for various reasons, including musicians redefining music through Web3.

Finally, knowing how David Bowie would feel about the NFT collection is impossible. But, with the entire proceeds going towards charity, the project has a silver lining for everyone, even the Twitter community.


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