CaniSpacien is a free NFT inspired by Space Dogs

CaniSpacien is a unique, hand-drawn collection inspired by “space dogs”. The collection explores the eventuality of humans’ best friends, dogs, once the human race colonises space. The 4,444-piece collection can be minted for free upon launch.

CaniSpacien is a free 4,444-piece collection in the Homo Spaciens world.

About CaniSpacien

Brought to the market by Vizzo Art Creators Lab (VACL), the CaniSpacien NFT collection is a “space dog” themed one, representing the future of humans’ best friends, dogs, once humans eventually live in space.

The CaniSpaciens are a unique, hand-drawn collection, which includes the incorporation of many unique and colourful traits. The collection comprises 262 traits in 12 categories and they have come together using computer-generated software. In general, the creation has been created as digital collage art using geometrical shapes.

To clarify, CaniSpacien is the first character to be fully released in the journey of Homo Spacien which explores how humans will evolve in the colonization of space.

The project has committed to mitigating the carbon footprint of the NFT mint by offsetting the CO2 emissions, protecting nature and planting trees to complete its goal.

The CaniSpacien Art

The artist behind this collection is Nukhet Cetin, a well-respected artist in the digital art and graphic world. She spoke about the project, and her love for space: “Since a child, I have always loved space and the infinite opportunities when looking into the skies above. This collection has been completely created from my imagination and the whole collection has been hand drawn”. “This collection unites my personal love of space and dogs.”

CaniSpacienA preview of some of the CaniSpacien NFTs.

A word from the project’s President

The president of the project, Patrick Ashworth spoke about it. “We have an incredibly talented team behind the CaniSpacien NFT collection, and the Homo Spacien project, including creatives, tech developers, blockchain specialists, marketing professionals, and an experienced community management team. The team are highly committed and excited about this launch. It has a clear potential to become a blue-chip NFT collection. Not even the sky is the limit!”

The Free Mint

The free mint (just pay gas) of  4,444 CaniSpacien NFTs will be available to users via the Homo Spacien website. The mint date is scheduled to be on 14th September at 7 PM GMT/2 PM EST. Currently, for more information on the drop and the project in general, you can join the Homo Spacien Discord, which currently hosts 6,000 members.

The NFTs will be available through a whitelist. Once again, users can get access to and find out more details by checking out their Discord.

In addition, beyond the initial mint, CaniSpacien holders will have first access to the mint of the “female” Homo Spacien NFT. To clarify, this is planned for this Autumn. At this time, the collection size, artwork, and other details remain unconfirmed.


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