AFTERPAY Drops NFT “Keys” to New York Fashion Week

Afterpay has entered the Metaverse. The buy now, pay later service has collaborated with five incredible designers to bring a unique phygital experience to New York Fashion Week. Together with designers ALTU, AnOnlyChild, Jonathan Simkhai, Kim Shui, and The Blonds; Afterpay will be offering up a limited number of designer NFTs created specifically for New York Fashion Week. Not only will these be one-of-a-kind collectibles, but they will also unlock access to real-world Fashion Week experiences and products.

Let’s take a look at Afterpay’s first NFT ‘The Keys’ and how you can get your hands on one.

‘The Keys’ from left to right: anOnlyChild, The Blonds, Kim Shui,
Jonathan Simkhai, Afterpay, ALTU

‘The Keys’ to New York Fashion Week

Each designer has created a ‘key’ in their style, using their Spring/Summer ’23 collections as inspiration. By owning a ‘key’ you have a beautiful NFT and access to unique Fashion Week experiences and products. These New York Fashion Week NFTs provide you with ownership of rare digital artworks created by some of the leaders in fashion. Furthermore, the ‘key’ provides access to extraordinary experiences or products. Here is what each ‘key’ gets you:

  • ALTU by Joseph Altuzarra: A special edition tote and an oversized t-shirt, or you can have an annual membership to one of New York City’s premiere art museums.
  • AnOnlyChild: Take an invite to AnOnlyChild NYFW after party, or choose a limited edition belt bag.
  • Jonathan Simkhai: Your own private meet and greet shopping experience with Jonathan or original, signed runway sketches from his new collection debuting September 13.
  • Kim Shui: A custom-designed hoodie incorporating Kim’s signature dragon motif, or ticket to her runway show on September 12.
  • The Blonds: Have an exclusive invite to The Blonds’ NYFW after party or own your signed copy of “The Blonds: Glamour, Fashion, Fantasy” forthcoming book.

    Unlock New York Fashion Week with your very own ‘keys’ 

    Afterpay has worked to keep these NFTs accessible, and so you can purchase one for $100. Don’t have that money upfront? Not to worry! In true Afterpay style, you can split the payment into four interest-free installments on  By minting one of these New York Fashion Week NFTs you are also donating to Free Arts NYC.  All proceeds from the “Keys to NYFW” collection will be donated to this organisation which provides and art mentoring to children in New York City.

    In a further step towards accessibility, there are a limited number of NFTs offered up for free. This free offering is the ‘Afterpay Key’, designed by 3D artist Amy Kilner. Owning this ‘key’ gives you a six-month free trial of Tidal HiFi Plus, access to an NYFW close-friends Instagram group, and an invitation to NYFW: The Talks sessions. 

    ‘Afterpay Key’ designed by Amy Kilner


    Get your exclusive key to New York Fashion Week 

    Afterpay’s first-ever NFTs are in limited supply, with minting beginning August 23rd. You can grab your ‘key’ via the “Keys to NYFW” website and choose your ‘physical’ utility upon minting. Both the NFT ‘keys’ and Afterpay’s free NFTs will be hosted on the Polygon network, considered one of the most eco-friendly blockchains. It’s no surprise that these designer NFTs and experiences are selling fast, so get in quick to grab your front-row seat to these innovative experiences. 

    For more information on how to access an exclusive key to NYFW, please visit



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