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Standing united means the crypto industry wins

On Jan. 26, 2024, the White House sent ripples throughout the cryptocurrency mining community by authorizing the Energy Information Administration (EIA) to conduct an “emergency” survey of cryptocurrency miners.  …

Blast launch leaves users confused about withdrawals

Blast launched its optimistic rollup late Thursday, fulfilling a pledge to allow users to withdraw funds locked in a team multisig for over three months. The value of user deposits…

SEC overstepped its authority in Kraken case, state AGs allege

The Securities and Exchange Commission exceeded “its delegated powers” in attempting to regulate “non-securities,” state attorney generals allege. In an amicus brief filed in the regulatory agency’s case against Kraken’s…

Bitcoin ETFs now hold nearly 4% of all bitcoin — and they’re not slowing down

Bitcoin has new buyers in the form of some of Wall Street’s biggest players, and they’re gathering some enormous treasuries. Bitcoin ETFs in the US are now sitting on almost…

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