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Industry watchers pin down possible bitcoin ETF approval dates

Some industry watchers argue that the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs may occur within a three-day period in January, based on recent moves by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.…

Binance gave VIP traders a heads up on $4B settlement: Bloomberg

Binance reportedly held a dinner for its biggest market makers ahead of the $4 billion settlement announcement with the Department of Justice.  The topic at hand? According to Bloomberg: the…

Protocol Obligate ramps up push to boost institutional blockchain use

On-chain debt capital markets platform Obligate has launched on Coinbase’s layer-2 network. This new deployment aligns with the protocol’s strategy to increase institutional engagement with blockchain-native assets. It comes just…

Bitcoin price went up in November — will it go up in December?

Bitcoin is again inching closer to a potential price breakout, even as it hovers at its highest point in 18 months. Markets priced bitcoin (BTC) above $38,600 on Friday morning…

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